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Wireless Barcode Scanners and QR Code Scanners

Wireless barcode scanners are simply barcode scanners that are not linked to a Computer or some other terminal with a cable.

Wireless barcode scanners can be divided into two groups

Wireless Barcode Scanner

Wireless scanners are handheld units that connect to their base stations with Bluetooth or some other radio frequency.

Portable Data Terminal

Portable Data Terminal are also at times referred to as wireless barcode scanners. These units normally have a display and keypad.

Wireless Scanners

These scanners essentially work the same as the normal corded scanners but without a cable. They use either Bluetooth or some other radio frequency to communicate with their base stations.

The base station which is also the charger is connected to a computer with a cable.

Scanners that use Bluetooth Technology can also connect directly to Bluetooth enabled Tablets, Smart phones and such like.

An example of a Wireless Barcode Scanner is the Datalogic QBT2430. The scanner is placed in its base station to charge its battery. The base station is connected to a computer with a USB cable. On this particular model the effective working range between the base station and scanner is 25 meters.

A microUSB port on the scanner foot allows an auxiliary method for battery recharging and also allows the product to be used without the base station.

The advantage of using a Wireless Barcode Scanner

The scanner has no cable restricting the movement of the operator. Instead of bringing heavy or larger objects to the scanner and computer, the user can take the scanner to the items that need to be scanned.

There is also no cable that can be damaged or get worn due to constant movement of the scanner.

But what happens if you move out of the working range between the scanner and its base – Many of the scanners like the Datalogic QBT2430 has an on board memory that stores the scanned data. The data is transmitted to the base station when the scanner gets back in range.

Wireless QR Code Scanner

The 2D enabled barcode scanners like the QBT2430 can read and decode QR Codes. QR Codes are just a 2D symbology. The QBT2430 is also able to read barcodes directly from a mobile device display.

For more information and pricing on the Datalogic QBT2430 Bluetooth Wireless Scanner visit JNS Technologies Website

Portable Data Terminal

As mentioned before – the Portable Data Terminals are also sometimes referred to as Wireless Barcode Scanners.

The Cipherlab 8200 Portable Data Terminal with the 2D area imaging scan module is able to read and decode QR Code and all other 2D Barcodes. The 8200 is known as a batch unit – meaning it has an internal memory. All the scanned and keyboard entered data is stored and downloaded when its inserted in its dock.

The Cipherlab 8231 looks similar to the 8200 Batch but it has Bluetooth and WiFi (802.11) communications.

These units are ideal for stock taking, asset tracking etc. For more information and pricing on the Cipherlab 8200 and 8231 contact JNS Technologies

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