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Thermal Printer Print Head Maintenance and Replacing

The Thermal Print Head is the costliest component to replace in a Thermal Printer so care should be taken to preserve the life of the Print Head. Here are some tips on Print Head Maintenance and Cleaning.

Label Printer Thermal Print Head

How Thermal Print Heads get damaged

Paper dust accumulates inside the printer during operation and this dust is abrasive and could cause premature wearing of the thermal print head.

This paper dust should be wiped or blown out the printer on a monthly basis.

Operators wearing rings can cause scratches on the print heads when changing labels.

Using sharp and hard objects to remove labels stuck on the print head or platen roller is going to damage the print head.

Failure to clean the print head on a regular basis or using the incorrect cleaning substance. For effective Print Head Maintenance I would suggest cleaning the print head after every roll of label.

Use isopropyl alcohol with a soft, lint free cloth or a specially made Print head cleaner.

Printing at excessive heat settings can also shorten the life of the Print Head.

Preventative Print Head Maintenance and Cleaning

Before doing any Print Head Maintenance make sure the printer is switched off and has cooled down.

  • Keep the printer closed if possible. Close the lids or covers to prevent dust entering the printer.
  • Blow out excessive dust and paper dust from the printer interior.
  • Never use water to clean the print head or any part of the printer.
  • Try to never touch the print head with your hands when cleaning and keep sharp hard objects away from the print head surface. Use only isopropyl alcohol or cleaners made for the cleaning of print heads.
  • When doing Print Head Maintenance also ensure that the Platen Roller is clean and free of adhesives or labels etc. Do not use sharp objects to clean the platen roller either. It is made of rubber and can cut easily.
  • If you have labels stuck on the Print Head or Platen Roller use a product called “Label Off”. This makes it easy to remove stuck labels.
  • Always print at the lowest heat setting possible to get a clear print.

Replacing the Thermal Print Head.

If you have performed the print head maintenance and you still experience dead or blank lines on your printed labels then you have to have your print head replaced.

JNS Technologies replaces print heads on the Argox range of label printers and on some other makes too.

When a label printer gets booked in with JNS Technologies for Print Head Replacement a full evaluation is made of the printer. Any faults are reported to the client together with a quote to replace the Print Head and to repair any other faults.

When the go-ahead has been given to replace the Print head the printer is first stripped, cleaned and reassembled and given a good service.

To find out more on replacing your Thermal Print Head contact JNS Technologies at 011 425 5439 or email

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