South African Airforce Mirage F1CZ

The Mirage F1CZ was delivered to 3 Squadron of the South African Airforce in 1975. A total of 16 F1CZ’s were delivered to Waterkloof. They were in operation until the squadron was disbanded in September 1992. I was fortunate to be a part of the squadron from January 1983 to August 1989.

Mirage F1CZ Losses between 1975 and 1992

  • Mirage S/N 200 on 15 February 1979 flew into the ground Near Cullinan while inspecting wreckage of Mirage F1AZ 246.
  • Mirage S/N 208 on 4 November 1980 Near Groblersdal. During night interception training, the bolt conecting the control column to the pitch pre-servo came loose, causing the pitch pre-servo to run up to full pitch up.
  • Mirage S/N 209 on 4 July 1984 Landed hard, damaging the undercarriage and tail cone at Waterkloof Airforce Base.
  • Mirage S/N 205 Rear fuselage erupted into flames after landing at Airforce Base Langebaan.
  • Mirage S/N 206 on 26 September 1987 Damaged by AAM and over ran runway on landing. Impact caused seat to eject at Airforce Base Rundu.
  • Mirage S/N 215 on 28 December 1987 Hit rising ground in bad weather near Ohrigstad.

Photos taken at 3 Squadron through the years