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Installing Argox Label Printer on Computer

This tutorial will explain how to install Argox Label Printers onto your PC enabling you to print labels.

The tutorial covers the following models:

  • OS214 Plus
  • CP-2140EX
  • D2-250/350
  • D4-250/350
  • O4-250/350
  • iX4-240/250/350
  • iX6-250

Every Argox Label Printer comes with a CD containing the drivers, printer tools and Bartender UL Software. The Bartender UL Software enables you to create your labels with Text and Barcodes.

Install Argox Driver

The driver will be on your CD or you can download it from JNS Technologies Website – ARGOX SEAGULL DRIVER 2019.2_M-2

Locate the file “Argox_2019.2_M-2” and run it.

Follow the prompts and instructions

Once you have completed the above steps you will see the Argox Printer that you are installing appear in Control Panel – Devices and Printers. I am using the D2-250 for this tutorial.

Configuring the Driver

Go to Control Panel – Devices and Printers

Right Clicking on the Printers icon brings up a menu as per the picture

Click on “Printing Preferences” and a new block will open

Click on the Tab “Stock” top open the properties

In the section “Media Settings” choose either Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer depending on what printer you have or if you choose to print with ribbon or not.

Direct Thermal prints without ribbon on Thermal Paper. Thermal Transfer prints with ribbon on various label types. In my case the section is greyed out as the D2-250 is a Direct Thermal Printer only.

Media type must be set to the type of label stock you are going to use – Label with Gaps, Label with Black Marks or Continuous Label.

Under the section “Media Handling” set the Post-Print-Action to the desired setting. Normally this is set to tear off which places the label in the correct position to tear off and then back-feed slightly when the next label is printed.

You should be all set to start printing. If you have any questions please contact me.

For more information on Argox Barcode Label Printers visit JNS Technologies Website

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