Homemade Recipes From Our Kitchen

A collection of my recipes that have been tried and tested by my family and the feed back has been positive. I just love experimenting in the kitchen and trying out new ideas.

If you would like to share a recipe or idea with me please do so using either the comment form or the contact me form.

  • Homemade Noodles and Pasta
    The Lockdown of 2020 has really made me creative in the kitchen. Today we look at my Homemade Noodles that I tried and have to admit – was not bad at all! This recipe was stolen from one of my wife’s cookbooks with a little modification. Ingredients Flour 500 ml […]
  • Fried Chicken Liver Recipe
    Homemade fried chicken liver recipe that is real quick and easy to make. I love the rich taste of chicken livers and this method stays the nicest. If you have purchased the chicken livers frozen the first step is to defrost them. Once defrosted wash the chicken livers under cold […]
  • Homemade spaghetti sauce with Fresh Tomato
    This recipe for homemade spaghetti sauce using tomatoes is a variation of my normal tomato sauce that I have made tons of. I am not fond of using frozen sauces but much rather prefer making fresh sauces as needed. You can make this in bulk and freeze but for me […]
  • How To Make Homemade Tomato Sauce
    What is more South African than a typical Braai with Wors, Chops, Steak and Pap with Homemade Tomato Sauce? It is just a way of life and there are few things nicer. This homemade tomato sauce recipe is my own that came from years of trial and error. I am […]
  • Home-style chicken curry recipe
    Today’s lunch will be a lovely spicy home-style chicken curry with soft fluffy potatoes. The nice thing about making curry dishes at home is that you can control the amount of heat that comes from the curry. There are quite a few varieties of curries you can use ranging from […]
  • Easy Curry Onions Homemade Recipe
    Easy to make homemade curry onions. Okay so I love curry so decided to try make curried onions. Got this recipe from my Mother and just had to give it a try. Ingredients for our Curry Onions 1 kG. Small onions. 2 Eggs 175 ml. Vinegar 1 Tablespoon Corn Flour […]
  • Easy Chili Sauce Homemade Recipe
    Today 25 January 2020 I had the kitchen to myself and tried some new ideas to make easy chili sauce. In total there were three ideas that I tried. All this while there were lamb ribs slowly cooking away in the pot. Unfortunately it was rainy and overcast so was […]
  • How to Braai the South African way
    I may be an amateur in the kitchen trying out different ways of making food but when it come to how to braai I feel like I have enough experience to be somewhat of an expert. One thing I have noticed is that some people complicate everything related to a […]
  • Homemade Pickled Onions – Homemade Recipe
    A very simple recipe to make Homemade Pickled Onions without much fuss. The hardest job is peeling the small pickling or pearl onions. There is a simple way of removing the skin from the onions. Cut the root ends off the onions Place the onions in boiling water for about […]
  • How to make Mayonnaise by hand
    Time for supper and I just realized that the Mayonnaise was finished. No Tuna and Mayo sandwiches, or so I thought. Wife gave me some pointers on how to make Mayonnaise by Hand. Simple and yummy! What we need to make Mayonnaise by hand A hand 🙂 A smallish mixing […]
  • Oxtail Recipe Fall Off The Bone Tender
    Just like all things in my life I like to keep my recipes simple and uncomplicated. This is my latest Oxtail Recipe that was prepared over the weekend of 19 and 20 October 2019 for my Mothers 81st Birthday. This is an improvement on my previous attempt. History of Oxtail […]
  • Lamb Ribs Recipe or Skaapribbetjies Resep
    Getting tired of braaing lamb ribs on the braai? I was. Got this recipe from my Mother for delicious lamb ribs, rice and a lovely tomato sauce with potatoes. I remember eating this growing up and we fondly called it “Tamatie Kos”. Doing ribs on the braai has always been […]
  • Homemade Chilli Sauce
    This is my own recipe of a hot homemade chilli sauce. It has come from many experimental batches. Some have been too hot, not hot enough or just plain horrible. I still think its best to follow a guideline and experiment with different ingredients and quantities until you get it […]
  • Pickled Chilli Homemade Recipe
    If you grow your own chilli bushes you will possibly end up with more chillies than you can use. That is where this Homemade Pickled Chilli Recipe comes in handy. You can preserve the chillies well into the winter months. There is also the possibility of making various chilli sauces but they do not […]