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Designing a Label with Bartender UL for Argox Printer

A short tutorial on designing a label for your Argox Barcode Printer using Bartender UL that ships with the printer.

First complete the installation and setup of Bartender UL as described in a previous article.

Adding a Barcode to your label

Once you have setup your label size you are ready to start adding Barcodes, Text or Graphics to your label. To add a barcode see below.

Click on the Barcode Icon

Select what type of Barcode you want to print

Place the Barcode where you want it displayed and click the mouse over the area. You can drag the barcode and get it in the correct position.

Adding Text to your Label

Click on the Text Icon and choose from the drop down menu

Place the cursor on the page where you want the text and move it to the correct position.

Enter the text your require on your label.

Adding a Logo or Simple Graphic – Designing a Label

Click on the Picture Icon and select from the drop down menu

In the above example I chose to add a picture from File. Click on the Logo or picture you want on your label and click on Select

Place your cursor where you want to add the logo or picture and click. You can drag the picture to the desired position.

Hope that helped in getting your label designed. If you have any questions or need further help please Contact me.

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