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Cipherlab Scanner Troubleshooting

The most common questions we get asked about the Cipherlab Scanner or Portable Data Terminals.

This section covers problems experienced mainly with the Cipherlab 8001 and the Cipherlab 8200.

Cipherlab 8001 or 8200 not scanning certain barcodes

If the barcode is not poorly printed or damaged then check that the scan window is not dirty. Another cause is that the barcode symbology you are trying to scan was not setup in the Forge Batch Application Generator. For help on this contact me and I will try to assist.

Cipherlab 8001 or 8200 not switching on

First check that the cradle has power and that the scanner is charging. When its charging it will show this on the display if the unit is switched off. The battery could have become faulty and needs replacement. Contact to get pricing on a new battery for you Cipherlab PDT

Cipherlab 8001 and 8200 not communicating with computer

This is a very common question. When using the 8001 or 8200 make sure that the USB drivers have been installed and that the unit installs on your computer like any USB device. When the USB drivers have been installed and the unit connected have a look in Device Manager and you will see a new virtual com port from Silicon Labs. Take note of the Port Number and use it in the Cipherlab Applications where it asks for Com Port Number. Also make sure that power is applied to the Dock – if there is no external power supplied there will be no communication.

Can the Cipherlab 8001 scan QR Code Barcodes

The 8001 Cipherlab Scanner CAN NOT read QR codes or any 2D type Barcode. The unit comes with a laser scan module or a CCD Scan Module which can only read linear 1D Barcodes. The Cipherlab 8200 is available with a 2D Imaging Scan module which can read the 2D and QR Codes.

2 replies on “Cipherlab Scanner Troubleshooting”

Hi Henry, I am a first time user.
have installed drivers as suggested by you.
i see the unit in the device manager as com port 8.
but when i connect the cradle to my laptop it does not install as a usb device
the baud rate is set as 115200
Also I have a 8001 L and the menu does not show read data
menu is
1 collect
2 upload
3 utilities
when i click upload , all it says is connecting…
please help
i am running win 7 pro

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