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Bluetooth Barcode Scanner – cordless barcode scanner

A Bluetooth Barcode Scanner functions the same as a Scanner that is connected with a cable to a PC. The big difference is that it uses no cable but rather Bluetooth to connect to its base or another Bluetooth enabled device.

The Base Station which also acts as the charger is connected to a PC or Terminal with a cable. This leaves the user free to walk around and scan within the range of the Base Station.

The scanned data is transmitted to the Base Station which in turn transmits it to the PC via the cable.

The Honeywell 1472G showing the scanner and base station

Honeywell Bluetooth Scanner

The honeywell 1472G (P/N HON 1472G2D2USB5R) is a typical example of a Bluetooth Barcode Scanner. The scanner scans 1D, 2D and QR Code Barcodes and transmits the data via Bluetooth to the Base Station or a linked Bluetooth Device.

The range of the 1472G is 30 meters from its Base Station. When its outside of this range it gives an audible warning tone.

The 1472G Bluetooth Barcode Scanner can store scanned barcode data in its memory when out of range. Once in range again it will transmit the data. More information on the Honeywell 1472G is on JNS Technologies Website.

Newland BS8060 Bluetooth Scanner

Another type of Bluetooth scanner is the BS8060-2T. It functions similar to the 1472G but it comes with no Base Station but rather connects to Bluetooth devices like Smart Phones, Tablets etc.

Newland BS8060-2T Pocket Size BT Scanner

The BS8060 Piranha is offered in 2 versions, containing a 1D or a 1D+2D engines. These engines are capable of reading virtually any barcode from paper or screen. The 2D device has been equipped with a laser aimer with a red cross to make barcode reading easier and faster.

The BS8060 offers easy Bluetooth pairing via Bluetooth 4.0 Class 1 wireless technology, the BS8060 can be paired with any Android, iOS or Windows device, five times faster than regular Bluetooth.

The working range of the BS8060 is given at 50 meters by the manufacturer (Line of Site) The unit also comes with a storage capacity of 1MB where it can store scanned data when out of range. More information on JNS Technologies Website.

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