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Argox Printing Too Light – Adjust Darkness Setting

Is your Argox printing too light? There are times when you start using a new ribbon or label and the print quality is either too light or dark. Here is a guide to adjust the darkness heat setting for your printer.

If you are using Bartender UL that comes with the Argox Label Printers then follow the steps below.

Run the Bartender UL software and create your label. Click on the “Print” icon. The following is displayed

Design your label or open previously saved label
Click on the Print icon and the print block is displayed

Click on “Document Properties” and the next screen is displayed

Next step is to click on “Options” in the tabs on top of the block

Here you can adjust the darkness setting

There will most probably be a tick in the box “Use Current Printer Settings”. lick on the box to remove the tick.

Now adjust the darkness setting

With the tick removed you are able to adjust the darkness or heat setting. Argox printing too light – if the setting was on a value of 8 move the slider to 10, click “OK” and print.

If the print is still too light move it up to 11 and print.

If your print was too dark and smudged follow the same procedure but lower the darkness setting until you have a clear print.

If you have followed the steps above and your print quality is still not satisfactory it may be that the Thermal Print Head needs to be cleaned.

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