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Argox Printer Setting Print Method Media Type

A short tutorial on the Argox Printer Setting to change the “Media Type” to match the media you are using. Change the driver setting to use either “Direct Thermal” (no ribbon) or “Thermal Transfer (use ribbon) print methods. Set the Print Speed and Darkness control in the driver for maximum print results.

How to open the settings box.

Once you have installed the Seagull Driver and communications are established with the printer follow these steps to change the media type settings.

Locate the Argox printer driver in the control panel of your PC Operating System. In this example we are using the Argox CP-2140EX (PPLB) Label Printer

Right “Click” on the driver and a menu will appear. Select and click on the “Printing Preferences” as in the picture below.

A new block will open where we can adjust the various settings.

Argox Printer Setting the Printing Preferences.

Select the “Stock” tab.

Argox Printer Setting media type

Selecting the Print Method

If you are using a ribbon to print on labels then you need to set the “Print Method” to Thermal Transfer (see picture above) which is also called TT.

When you are using the printer without ribbon to print on special Thermal Labels you need to click on the drop-down arrow and select “Direct Thermal” also known as DT.

If you attempt to print without ribbon and the above setting hasn’t been changed to Direct Thermal the printer will start to print and then give you an error message.

Setting the Media Type

Printing on labels with gaps between the labels – if you are printing on this type of media you need to set “Media Type” to Labels With Gaps. This enables the media sensor to detect the gaps between the labels for correct alignment.

Printing on Continuous media – When you are printing on a roll of continuous paper that has no gaps or marks then you need to set the “Media Type” to Continuous. This will in essence disable the media sensor to stop getting the error of No Media.

Printing on media with Black Marks – There is media available that has no gap between the labels or tags but a solid black line or mark. When printing on these types of media you need to set the “Media Type” to Labels With Marks. This setting enables the media sensor to detect the marks and not gaps.

Argox Printer Setting The Print Speed and Darkness

To adjust the print speed and darkness click on the “Options” Tag.

Argox Printer Setting Darkness

Adjusting Darkness

There may be times where the printer is printing too light or too dark. If there is a tick in the “Use Current Printer Settings” the darkness slider will be grayed out.

Untick the box and move the slider slightly to the right to increase the heat and cause a darker print or to the left to reduce the heat causing the print to be lighter.

Argox Printer Setting the Printing Speed

When you install the driver and it has detected your printer model it will automatically set the max print speed for your model. But there may be a time when you need to slow the print speed down slightly for better print quality.

If there is a tick in the “Use Current Printer Setting” the selection box will be grayed out. Untick the box and use the drop-down to decrease the print speed or increase it if its too slow. Bear in mind that the printers have a maximum printing speed so do not select a speed higher than what your model can handle.

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