About Me

Hi, I’m Henry Norval

I have always been a huge fan of technology and try my best to keep up with the latest trends and developments.

Start of my career

I started my career in the South African Air Force as an apprentice from January 1983 and qualified in May 1986 as an Electrical Technician. I was fortunate to have spent my time there maintaining the beautiful Mirage F1 aircraft.

Mirage F1CZ form 3 Squadron South African Air Force (now retired)

From 1989 to 1996 I worked at Denel on the Mirage F1, Rooivalk and Impala military aircraft, building solid knowledge of military aircraft’s systems and electronics.

From aircraft to barcodes

After 1996 I became involved in the Auto ID world. Eventually starting a small company together with my family repairing and selling Barcode Scanners and Label Barcode Printers.

Its been a heck of a ride working for ourselves but we have survived and its been a good 18 years – Not rich but still going strong.

After gaining the experience in the Barcode Technology world, I feel that I can help when it comes to repairing or suggesting what equipment to purchase.

Website development and hosting by Henry Norval

When we started our own company early in 2002 we needed a website. There was no money to hire someone to do it for us so I started experimenting. I signed up with a hosting company and after struggling like crazy eventually got a site up and running with Dreamweaver.

As time went by I started experimenting with Joomla and the site started looking more presentable. After Joomla – WordPress was the in thing and its still what I use today.

Its now a hobby of mine and I have quite a few websites out there hat I have done for small businesses and private blogs.

I can offer development and hosting for small businesses or private blogs at really affordable rates. If you need a website just give me a shout and maybe I can help you.

Cooking up a storm

Another interest that I have picked up over the last few years is making food. I never realized how absolutely fulfilling it can be – for body and soul.

I’m not one to follow recipes but rather enjoy to experiment and document what I have done – Fun!

Apart from cooking it up I also enjoy making sauces with chilli and pickling onions and chilli and anything else I can get my hands on.

Number 1 will always be the braai. What can be better than a medium to rare piece of steak lol.

You are more than welcome to use my recipes and I would appreciate feedback and suggestions. You can always send me your ideas to try – I would love that!

Cactus and succulent growing

Another bug that bit me some time ago is the growing and caring for succulents or as we call them – vetplante.

On my site I will publish photos of the plants and their flowers. You are free to download and use the photos for your own use. I am not a selfish guy, just ask that you help spread the beauty of nature.

Henry Norval and Tersia Norval
Henry and Tersia Norval

My family

I have happily married since January 1984 to Tersia and we have two sons which are both in their 30’s.

Its been a lovely 36 years and I am still fully in love with my “Gal”.

We are also the proud Grandparents of two lovely children.

You can read more about my younger years on the Norval website.

Henry Norval
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Henry Norval
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Electrical Technician
Self Employed
Derwent Avenue,
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